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Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Fastest Bikes on the Planet

Believe it or not, the world record speed for a human powered bike currently stands at 81 mph!

See this link for details.  http://videos.jimmyr.com/sp/speed/the_fastest_human_powered_bicycle_e4.php

And this is the sort of rather specialised bike that can do such a speed.

Certainly not a practical road machine, but it does show just what can be done with a mere half a horsepower compared to the 60 HP required to propel a motor car at this speed.

We have a rare chance to see machines of this kind locally on Sunday 4th August when the British Human Powered Vehicle Association has a race meeting at the Darley Moor Circuit near Ashbourne.

These race meetings, unlike the technology, are fairly low key, and entry for spectators is free.  Not all the bikes are streamlined, many being naked recumbents of various designs and including a wide variety of trikes.  Almost any kind of bike is permissible since unlike other forms of cycle sport, there are no rules regarding the design features.  Speeds are nowhere near 80mph since the course has bends, but max lap speed for the streamliners will be in excess of 40mph.

If you would like to go along, find your way to the Darley Moor Race Circuit entrance which lies on the A515 (Sudbury/Asbourne) road at SK 168420 about 3.5 miles South of Ashbourne.
From Derby follow NCN 68 to Rodsley turning off left there to go through Yeaveley village.
A party will leave Mickleover Station at 9.30am to follow this route.
Take a picnic lunch as (apart from toilets) there are no facilities at the circuit, and not much on the way either.


David Martin said...

You'll enjoy this Les... http://vimeo.com/70921986

Longranger said...

Looks interesting - do we get a chance of a ride round the track??

Good weather forecast too - so far!

BirdyRed said...

In previous years they have let riders go round the track between races, which is quite fun. Sadly, I wont be able to join you this year due to other commitments.