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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Cracking Climatic Conditions Cause Consequential Catastrophic Cancellation of Canal Ride to Cathedral

Having more spare time since my retirement, I am able to indulge two of my passions, those being canals and cathedrals, and so, with another fine sunny day in prospect I planned to cycle to Lichfield Cathedral by way of the Trent and Mersey Canal.
For a number of reasons (the main one being that it was so hot) I did not make it to the cathedral but had a great day out on the canal towpath, getting as far as Fradley Junction where the Coventry Canal meets the Trent and Mersey Canal.

Lots of boats on the canal and some very nice canal-side properties to be seen.
Click on pictures to enlarge to full screen size.

Lots of interesting people, wildlife and objects on the way including this youth who was jumping across the canal!   A long jump of about 9 feet so not record braking, but considerably more risky than landing in a sand pit.


Three! Well done, lad.
Not having prepared a Risk Assessment as required by Sustrans, I was not able to try this feat myself.
Lots of wildlife to be seen as well.  Swallows and pied wagtails swooping over the water to scoop up insects, a dipper, swans with cygnets and this group of goslings watched over by two adult Canada Geese.

This is not all one family, but a "crèche" for Canada Geese (like humans) leave their offspring in the care of other parents at times.
Several places to eat at Fradley Junction, one here being the Swan Inn, but I favoured the café alongside the old British Waterways office, now the Canal and Rivers Trust, becoming known colloquially as "CRUST".

After a leisurely lunch in the open air alongside the water, I decided to forego the planned cathedral visit and head for home, spurred on by the thought of a stop for a pint at another pub  nearer to Burton, and that sustained me for the rest of the journey home.
Total mileage just over 40.


Ben Stuart said...

I don't think anyone could have passed straight through Fradley Junction on a day like this Les, though it would be the Mucky Duck for me if not with the family!

Littleranger said...

Beautiful weather and photographs. Makes you want to be there.