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Monday, 27 May 2013

Derby Velodrome

On my return from 4 weeks away in Scotland, I had expected to see more progress on the Velodrome construction, but of course it's not what you see on the surface that counts, it's what is going on with the foundations at this stage.
The good news is that men were working on the site, today being Bank Holiday Monday!
The concrete piles, which on my last visit, were way above ground level, are now cut off with only a couple of feet protruding, the massive pile drivers have gone, and dumpers and excavators are scurrying about with piles of earth and lumps of hardcore.

This view shows how close the Velodrome is to Derby County's Pride Park Stadium although there is a shared car park between the two.  Presumably events will be arranged to avoid a clash of dates and consequent congestion. The Velodrome with it's sloping roof, will be much better looking than the football stadium, which has lots of high level external  ironmongery to avoid having stanchions blocking the view of the pitch.

This is a view looking towards the River Derwent which lies behind the site. The concrete piles can be seen to the right of the machinery.

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