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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

New Nesting Boxes

Monday was an excellent day for erecting three new  bird boxes by Old Station Close at Etwall.  One box was a replacement for a damaged and subsequently, disappeared box from last year, and the other two, Nos 20 and 21, were newly sponsored boxes, all professionally made by Les.
Armed with a ladder which was  passed over the wall from Mill Meadow Way, Etwall, Phil Harris and I set to work on erecting five star residences for this year's new families of blue tits (we hope).  Phil climbed the ladder as well as could be expected with his 'old hip' which is also soon to be replaced by a new one!


slowranger said...

Mavis, I won't tell anyone that the picture is a fraud!!

Clyde said...

Well done, all of you. In fact, one might say, Phil, "Hip hip hurray!"

Littleranger said...

That is correct Nick and well spotted. We forgot to take a camera with us, but in actual fact, it is box No. 8 that has caused all the problems and we (or Phil) reinstated box No. 8 again last week. Same box number, different day!