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Monday, 14 January 2013


For some time it has been my intention to stand down as Derby Group Co-ordinator in 2013, but recent domestic events mean that this will be sooner rather than later.
It has been a very difficult decision to make as I have been in post for eleven years having enjoyed the support of a fantastic group of local Rangers and made many good friends in neighbouring Ranger Groups, at Local Authorities and at Sustrans HQ.
I go with many treasured memories of various events and outings over the years which we have enjoyed together. Also I recall the efforts made to triumph over the many problems and adversities which beset the Volunteer Ranger. Some were more successful than others, but overall not a bad average, perhaps.
Cycling will still be my main means of transport, but maybe not quite so frequently on the Mickleover Greenway, which I have ridden most days since it opened in the year 2000.  It will make a change to go somewhere else, but I look forward to seeing some of you out on two wheels, but beware, as I will be a member of the public.

Best wishes to you all,


PS This blog will continue to run, as it is a wonderful and troublefree means of communication, but perhaps someone would like to take over the adminstration of it. This job requires little in the way of time or technical expertise as I have demonstrated.
The administrator can fiddle with the appearance/colours/ text size and you can post bigger pictures than other people, so an ideal job for anyone who likes tinkering.
Another loose end to be tidied up is that we need to have a second signatory for the group's bank account which is in the Derbyshire Building Society. At present Phil Harris and I are both certified (better re-phrase that) to withdraw cash to cover rangers expenses. Two signatories are required in case one is on holiday or ill.
So - honest trustworthy individual required for this post.


Clyde said...

Les, I don't believe it! Can this be true? I treasure my memories of my short time with the Derby group, and of the events our two groups have shared together since then. Can I therefore wish you a happy retirement from rangering but I still hope to see you around. Stay in touch!

Peter Roberts said...

Les, Happy retirement. Your legacy will stand for years to come. If you still fancy leisurely riding in a group then a new social cycling group has started in Mickleover. They ride on Sunday mornings at 08-30 and I understand they go about 12-15 miles at a very very leisurely pace.