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Sunday, 6 January 2013

A trip to Leicester?

Whilst checking trains for my usual Monday away-day I noticed that the single fare from Derby to Leicester (or vice-versa) is currently £2 for the majority of trains as long as they are bought in advance on-line . The website (NationalRail) suggested that you could even get this £2 fare in First Class so you might also get a cup of tea (in a china cup!!) and a biscuit thrown in. We cannot let this very rare opportunity to get train tickets at a reasonable price escape so I am suggesting a trip on Tuesday 12th February. Dep Derby at 10:20, ride to Abbey Park for a cuppa, thence on to Watermead Park,  Syston, loop round to Rothley to the cafe in the station car park where we can a. watch a steam train go through and b. have a bacon butty. As long as we are back into Leicester to be on the 16:04 departure back to Derby the cheap fares hold good. Distance around 30km, nothing strenuous. Comments (enthusiastic or otherwise) welcomed.


Les Sims said...

That really is a bargain, so put my name on the list.
The price confirms my theory that rail fares are not calculated from some sort of formula, but just plucked out of the ether and usually multiplied by "x", or in this case, divided by "x".
Old timers will recall that our very first Rangers Ride, about 10 years ago, was a train trip to Leicester, followed by a cycle ride home on Route 6.

Littleranger said...

I would like to join also. A real bargain. Our son was at Leicester for three years and even student fares in 1986 was £5 I seem to remember.

Les Sims said...

Booked OK as described and First Class too (not my normal means of travel).

Anonymous said...

Booked first class!! But may be in hosp or unable to cycle that far!!

Les Sims said...

Lots of information about Watermeade Park and some excellent photographs by Leicester Ranger Keith Drury on the Leicester Rangers Blog.
Follow link from Derby Blog.
They have had flooding problems as we have, so might be as well to check, if it rains again before Feb 12th.

Martin said...

Unfortunately my Tai Chi class is on Tuesday mornings, but I should be able to get to Syston by 13.08, or Sileby a few minutes earlier and join you at Rothley station by 2 pm.

Just to make your journey even more enjoyable, the cheapest return fare from Derby to Syston on 12 Feburary is £9.60.


Trexrider said...

Lucky lot. £2.00 tickets all gone, the best I could do was the 12pm train and that was £3.50.

I hope Phill can make it but if not.... remember me :-(