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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

This is how they do it

Firstly, the dumper loads the loose Toptrek into the grader.

Then the grader, or "sledge" as it is known in the trade, is towed along by the dumper, depositing the required depth of material onto the path and roughly levelling it.
Finally the surface is rolled with this machine which has vibrating roller wheels and moves at quite some speed for such a device.

End result - a new and much better surface than the fine Breedon Gravel which has been OK in the dry but totally inadequate in wet weather, of which we have had far too much during most of 2012.
Since there was a surplus of Toptrek, it has been possible to re-surface rather more of the path than was originally visualised.

Update Friday 20th December
After another day of rain the new surface is under water Westwards from the bridge piers.

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