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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Housing Development

A large housing development is planned on land adjacent to the Mickleover Greenway and the public are invited to an exhibition at Hackwood Farm on Wednesday 12th December to view the proposals.
Join us there at 2.30pm if you can. If coming by bike or car, use the entrance off Radbourne Lane. The footpath from the Greenway is likey to be very muddy, so waterproof boots or wellies if walking there.

Here is a better drawing of the site plan.

The Mickleover Greenway lies to the South of the proposed development and is at a lower level. The path and some adjacent houses including The Station Masters House have had serious flooding problems in recent months. Although the flooding issue is currently being looked at by the two local authorities, we have concerns about matters being made even worse by the inevitable increase in surface water flowing from this development.

See previous post (below) for photograph of flooding dated 26th November. The proposed development lies directly to the right here and several metres above the level of the path which is in a cutting.

See also posts in July 2012 with photographs of the first flash flooding which caused flooding of houses and serious damage to the Greenway surface.

We should stress that this proposal is not within the Preferred Growth Strategy Document which is currently out for consultation, but of course developers can submit planning applications at any time, so we should see this as a long term development. The land lies within South Derbyshire and not Derby City, since the boundary is along the Greenway in this area.


Martin said...

Not clear whether the Green Corridor (3 on the map) will be a cycle route. Do we want a cycle connection to the Greenway?

Les Sims said...

Yes, I think that is desirable.
The route from the Greenway to Hackwood Farm is currently no more than a muddy field footpath and with Section 106 money could be a decently surfaced path.
Also the access is via wooden steps which would need to be converted to some sort of a ramp to suit cycles (and horses?).