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Friday, 21 December 2012

Flood Precautions on R54

The newly laid path was submerged within 24 hours of being put down, but has survived with little damage.
Derbyshire County Council have done a good job of clearing debris and vegetation from the stream which runs from the old Rolls-Royce Site (now Radbourne Gate Estate) and which originally ran over the railway cutting in an aqueduct.

Picture on the right shows the stream where it emerges from the culvert beneath the drive down to Mickleover Station.


Old Crack Willow trees have been cut down where they were in danger of blocking the drain further downstream.

And the confluence of the stream and the culvert flowing from the Ladybank Road Estate where the land also slopes down towards the Greenway, has been cleaned out promoting a free flow from both sources. Hopefully the logs will be removed before they roll down into the stream.

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