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Thursday, 13 December 2012

And Some More Good News

For some years we have had a small Christmas Tree growing on the verge of the Mickleover Greenway and the public were in the habit of decorating it for Christmas.
Sadly this tree died last year, but a kind person has donated a much nicer one and this, in turn, is now decorated by courtesy of the path users.
It stands in front of our veteran oak tree which has seen well over three hundred Christmases.
Well done the public!


Littleranger said...

That looks very festive indeed. The now chopped down Christmas Tree at Etwall looks very forlorn with a single piece of tinsel draped over it!

Anonymous said...

Those Elves certainly move in mysterious ways! If you did not know they live around the sacred Oak.

We will be seeing more of them through 2013 I have no doubt.

Expect a few pranks when out with the tea urn. and do leave a bicky on the bird table when you leave. Otherwise, - punctures galore

Merry christmas

Les Sims said...

How nice to know that, especially bearing in mind the Government's recent announcement of further cuts to the funding of the National Elf Service.