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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Earthmoving on R54

As a change from cutting back pathside vegetation the Community Payback Team were today doing some soil shifting in the area close to the Curved Seat where the footpath from Greenside Court to Radbourne crosses the Mickleover Greenway.  This is where we are proposing to site the Outdoor Tea Shop (of which more later) and install more seats.  The ground was far from flat here being on the one hand an earth bank and the other a vestigal ditch. So, with picks and spades they moved the earth from the bank into the ditch and we now have a nice level area on which in the Spring, grass will grow and we can keep it under control.

View looking towards Mickleover with path to Greenside Court on the right (behind ivy), and path to Radbourne on the left.
And here is a view of the footpath to Greenside Court which previously went around the end of the bank and then through an (often) boggy patch, which has now been filled in. We are proposing to convert the decrepit stile to a seat, as it's supports are in good condition although the top is rotten.  It serves no purpose as a stile anyway.
We have also removed a stout but also rotting wooden post which stood in the middle of the path, as it had redundant and dangerous metal wire tensioners on it from a previous existence as a proper fence post.
In front of the stile is a concrete post of generous proportions and enormous weight. We have yet to decide on a use for this. Suggestions?  (printable!)
We could,  of course, set this post vertically in the middle of the footpath to prevent access by motor vehicles, but that is not a problem here anyway.

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