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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Derby Velodrome

Work has started on the construction  of the Velodrome (officially called a multi-sports arena) on Pride Park in Derby.  Completion is programmed to be in 18 months time.
No doubt that it will bring large numbers of people from far afield into the City as competitors and spectators for various events.
This is what it will look like inside, with the cycle track raised above floor level, so that there is good access to the centre arena for other sports, and with spectators pretty close to the action on the track.

Not much to see above ground on site at present but we will be keeping an eye on progress and posting photographs as the structure takes shape.


swaddywaddy said...

This is so cool. Derby cc should be applauded for their foresight in bringing track cycling to the east midlands. Please keep posting pictures as things develop. I for one will be giving the track a try

Littleranger said...

Fantastic, hope they will include lots of cycle parking and car parking could be useful too.