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Monday, 1 October 2012

Litter Bins on R54

Last week we installed two litter bins and more signing on the Mickleover Greenway in an attempt to reduce the problems of  litter and  dog fouling on the path verges.
We had not done this previously as bins on the path will not be emptied by Derby City Council due to access problems for a vehicle, which means that we will have to do it.  However we came to the conclusion that this is better than picking up litter and dog bags from the path itself, especially as we now have three bike trailers and the bins contain black plastic bin liners. We propose to empty the bins weekly and deposit the black bags alongside the on- road bins which are emptied by the Council.

This bin is situated close by the Curved Seat (right in picture) where the footpath between Greenside Court and Black Wood crosses the Greenway. Note that both the bin and it's lid are chained to the footpath sign post.  Also that the heavy undergrowth on the verges has been trimmed back by the Community Payback Team over the last few weeks.
The second bin is situated at the Royden Close ramp and no such security measures are necessary as it is made of concrete and took three strong lads to lift it into position. What sort of idiot would steal a 3cwt bin full of dog muck anyway?
We will monitor the situation over the next few weeks to see if the bins achieve the desired effect and see if we should install more such bins. Early indications are positive, with support from dog walkers and other path users. These are no doubt the people who will use the bins, but the problem lies with others really.
Both bins were donated so no cost to Derby City Council or Sustrans.

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