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Thursday, 4 October 2012

John Swan

We are sorry to announce the retirement of Ranger John Swan who has been a stalwart on the Breadsall Greenway since construction began. His cheerful disposition and his dedication have been an example to us all and he will be greatly missed. He has probably picked up more litter than most of us, and his regular reports of his activities were much appreciated. I recall meeting him once on the Greenway when he had not only recovered a dumped supermarket trolley but filled it with litter and had his bike on the top of that. Some years ago he made an excellent documentary record of the Breadsall Greenway and distributed copies of this on DVD. We wish him well in his retirement and hope that he will keep in touch with us. 


Littleranger said...

Very sorry to hear John is leaving us. Both John and Jan have been invaluable with their help at BBQ's. We will miss them both.

Trexrider said...

Not to mention his excellent humour in the face of adversity. I would have murdered the graffiti wielding blighters.

Who can replace him?