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Monday, 17 September 2012

Biking BBQ

Final Arrangements for Next Sunday's Event.

We have been unlucky with the weather for this annual event on the two previous occasions.
In 2011 it rained heavily all day and understandably we had a poor turnout from the public. The profit amounted to about £5; a poor reward for all the hard work that had gone into the preparation.
This year (8th July) things were even worse, with flash flooding of the Mickleover Greenway, and we were forced to call off the event.
Things can only be better on Sunday 23rd September, when we try once more to boost our funds from the sale of food and drink at Etwall Leisure Centre.
Although the flooding damage to the path at Mickleover has not yet been repaired, it is rideable with care and all arrangements as for 8th July will stand, so here they are as a reminder.
A new feature this year will be a bike jumble sale which Nick Potter and Shawn Brotherhood will run. We already have several complete bikes to sell, but can do with more accessories.
Ian Dent will be leading the ride, assisted by Alan Locke, Peter Ford, Geoff Hume and Dave Clasby.
The ride leaves Mickleover Station at 10.30am or thereabouts. Ride leaders please do a count of the group and phone Mavis so that food preparations can be commenced. Mavis mobile is 07815665357. Alternatively my mobile is 07754412670.
Stefan Czuplac will supervise the parking of cars at the start and Geoff Hume will unlock all  gates along the path in advance of the ride. Martin Aldred will video the riders at a suitable point along the route so that later we can do an accurate count from the video.
Mavis Ratcliffe will supervise the cooking and sales of food and drink, helped by John Ratcliffe,Val Sims, Maria Czuplac, Maureen Hume and Kay Brotherhood.
Les Sims will deliver BBQ, Calor gas, signs and gazebos to the Etwall Leisure Centre before 9am and cycle out to meet the riders heading out towards Etwall, supervising the crossing of the public road next to the venue.
Free swim tickets will be handed out by the Leisure Centre staff from their own gazebo. These are valid on the day(before 1pm)  or at some future time.
The long range weather forecast does not look too bad, so perhaps our luck will change, and with good pubilicty and the upsurge of interest in cycling, we may have record numbers of customers.
Our previous record was 128 riders on 2009.
Only an earthquake will cause further postponement this time
Let me know ASAP if you wish to change any of these committments.
Any extra help is welcome, particularly if we have a record attendance.


swaddywaddy said...


How are the 'bits' for the bike jumble going to get to Etwall. I have a bike trainer,tribars,panniers books,etc which I will bring directly to Etwall on the morning. Will other volunteers,rangers etc be bringing their 'bits' with them or are they to deliver them to site at 8.30am or via Les or others such as Nick or Mavis
Please give it some thought

Les Sims said...

Not to worry - we will have all bikes and bits on site before you arrive.