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Monday, 20 August 2012

November Bonfire

Once again we will be having a Grand Bonfire and Fish & Chip Supper on Station Green at Mickleover (R54/68) as in previous years. Since November 5th is on a Monday this year (and the local chippy is not open on Mondays) the event will be on Saturday 3rd November.
This is not a public event; only Sustrans Rangers, family and friends are invited. For Health and Safety reasons ( always a good excuse) there will be no fireworks, but a great bonfire.
We are already collecting combustible materials and these are being stockpiled out of sight behind the old platform of Mickleover Station.
 Let me know if you have any suitable stuff to burn - old furniture, garden sheds, dead trees, wooden boats and caravans). Transport can be arranged if necessary.

1 comment:

Peter Roberts said...

Les, I have a few heavy planks of wood that you can collect. Peter