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Friday, 13 July 2012

The Dove Valley Route (NCN 549)

Work continues on the diversion of NCN Route 549 around the extensions to the Nestle factory at Hatton.

Here are the minutes of the last meeting of interested parties, which include Sustrans, who are  represented by Yvonne Yates.

Hatton Bridle Path Working Group

Minutes of Meeting held in No. 6 Conference Room, Marston Lane,

 on Wednesday, 4th July, 2012, commencing at 1830 hours

Robert Brooks
Teresa Croft
Luke Fitzsimmons
Ian Hey
Lynne Saul


Youth of Hatton
Secretary (also for D.V.C.P.)

Anthony Ball
Robert Brooks
Mick Cramp
Chris Lees
Mark Whyman
Yvonne Yates

Chris Lees had contacted Lynne today as, due to work commitments, he was unable to attend the meeting. He has updated her on aspects of the project which are incorporated into the minutes.

Acceptance of Minutes of Meeting held on 29th May, 2012
The minutes were accepted as a true record of the proceedings.


Matters Arising from Minutes of 29th May, 2012

Item 3: Diversion of Outflow from Severn Trent Pumping Station
Luke confirmed that this work had now been completed.  They have finished digging out the ditch and were just awaiting the diversion of the Salt Brook before final connections are made.

Item 5: Severn Trent Land
Luke confirmed that this land had now been fully fenced and ready for bridle path construction work.

Item 7:  Timescale for the Project
Luke stated that the Planning Permission application for the whole project had been delayed from the anticipated date of end of May 2012 but, having checked with the Projects Department, it was hoped that this application would now be submitted by the end of July at the latest.  Therefore, it was hoped that the Determination of Planning application would be given by end of October 2013.

This will allow plenty of time for the work on the Salt Brook to be completed (see below) and the application for closure of the Public Rights of Way on Marston Lane and the bridle path to be obtained.

Item 10: Involvement of Children from Heath Fields Primary School
Luke said that he was still hoping to involve the children in the planting of the pump house field (after EA equipment had been removed) - probably still at the end of 2012.  He had had an expert on site to ascertain what biodiversity was present on the site and adjoining nature reserve.

Artwork Produced by Youth of Hatton Members
Teresa tabled a fantastic piece of artwork drawn by a YOH member and stated that she was keen to get this type of artwork 'into the community'. Luke thought this would be ideal for displaying on the observation hide he had planned for the pump house field.  Lynne said that she would also welcome a similar project being carried out on Thistley Place - to be sited on the large storage container adjacent to the entrance.  Teresa will visit site and ascertain what is required.

Assessment of Proposed Design by Landscape Architects
Chris stated that he had been in contact with a Regional Committee of Landscape Architects (O.P.E.N.) who had been looking at the design for the proposed bridle path and they said that they did not like the galvanised fencing, which had been installed along the boundary of Nestlé, and would like to see some form of environmental fencing used in its place.  The galvanised fencing along the route of the bridle path will, therefore, be replaced by something more environmentally friendly (not sure what yet but probably wooden see through fencing) and it might not be straight lines.  Chris is looking into this.

Timescale for Bridle Path Diversion/Marston Lane closure
The outline course, where the diverted Salt Brook will run, has now been dug out by the archaeologists carrying out the surveys they originally planned to ascertain if there were any buried artefacts in the location.  Their excavation work has now been completed.  The land has been fenced off and, where the bridle path continues under the railway line, the brook will be culverted under the bridle path.  A new wooden gate has been installed at this juncture to allow public access to the fields on the river side of Marston Fields.

It is hoped that the Salt Brook excavation/diversion work will now commence in the next 2 weeks and will be completed within 6 weeks (end August).  This should allow plenty of time for applications for ROW closures before Determination of Planning Application is received.

Section of  Proposed Bridle Path which will enter Dove Side
Ian asked who had responsibility for this section of road which was the only access point to the allotments.  Robert will check if his comes under the auspices of the Parish Council but it was felt that this road may actually be 'unadopted' at present.  Ian voiced his concerns over the present state of the road (which is regularly churned up by large tractors travelling down to work on Marston Fields).  He also pointed out that, as the EA will be using the Pump House field for storage of their equipment during the proposed Flood Alleviation works and will be using this road to access the field, their heavy machinery will incur much more damage to the road's surface.  He asked who was going to put this right - the EA or would it be repaired under the proposed bridle path works?  Also, if this was to definitely to become part of the bridle path, added security would need to be put in place for the allotments and a decision taken on who would maintain the roadway in future.

Luke will ascertain Nestlé position on this and Robert will speak with the Parish Council.
Access Point of Bridle Path from Church Avenue
As construction work on the bridle path was likely to commence shortly Robert discussed the possibility of using the existing concrete roadway leading to the Severn Trent Pumping Station instead of the existing access.  This would then allow the bridle path to skirt the edge of the Hassall Road field (which Hatton Parish Council now own) and continue along the Nestlé boundary to Marston fields.  He stated that the PC thought it would advantageous to have the bridle path pass through the 'sports field'.

The only problem was the access point - if the gates were removed a suitable removal barrier would have to be put in place which would enable horses, people, cyclists, etc., but not unauthorised vehicular access.  Also, Severn Trent claim they have exclusive access - Ian said that, if this plan went ahead all that needed to be done was to serve a Notice of Intent to provide access to the Hassall Road field to ST.

It was decided that Robert would ask to put this item on the agenda at the next Parish Council meeting.  Luke will speak with Chris to assess Nestlé's stance on altering the access point.
Designs Produced by Heath Fields Children following presentation on 26th March
The artwork by Heath Fields pupils was tabled and judged.  There were 10 entries.  As it was so difficult to judge between the entries it has been decided, by members of the Committee, that each entrant will receive a prize.  Chris will attend Heath Fields school on 11th July and present the prizes to the pupils.

Also, Nestlé will be donating a camera to the school so that they will be able to take pictures and monitor progress on their involvement/input into the project.

Chris Lees said that, when the project commences, Nestlé will be endeavouring to incorporate as many of the items included in the artwork as possible - including the tree house if heath and safety approval can be obtained. 

Long Term Plans for the Development
Ian said that, as well as the plan for a local committee to run and maintain the new bridle path, it should be  possible to have the bridle path adopted by Derbyshire County Council under their Greenway scheme and Sustrans (whose cycle way will run along the route) to help out.  This would then address the problem of dog and waste bin provision and disposal.

Luke will speak with Chris about this possibility.

Ian also stared that, at the Rosliston Forestry Centre, they had an excellent Environmental Education facility and were able to come out to sites to give hands on experience to children.  There is a charge for this service but Ian thought it would be extremely valuable for Heath Fields where they could work with the teachers and pass on skills.

Lynne said that she had already been involved with Rosliston, on this project, who had arranged for a class from the school to attend a planting morning in the National Forest (sponsored by the Woodland Trust) then the afternoon was spent in the Education Centre at Rosliston and said that the expertise that they had would be a great asset to the project. 
Date of Next Meeting:
The next Working Group meeting will be held on, Wednesday, 22nd August, 2012, commencing at 6.30 p.m., in No. 6 Conference Room, Marston Lane.

The meeting closed at 2000 hours

Distribution:  Those present + apologies
                        John Lowe - Sustrans 

Lynne Saul - 5.7.12

 When it stops raining we are proposing to take a ride over to Hatton to view the works and use that as an excuse to have another meal at Sudbury Prison.

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