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Friday, 6 July 2012

R54 Flooding

The recent torrential rain has flooded the Mickleover Greenway and forced the cancellation of our Biking BBQ Ride planned for Sunday 8th July.  Perhaps a regatta would have been more appropriate.
The large concrete area at Station Green (above), where we had our bonfire last November, is submerged. but not the path itself at this point.

A new lake has appeared futher West, but still not encroaching on the Greenway path.

Looking back towards Station Road here from the Royden Close Ramp, the path takes on the appearance of a canal for some considerable distance in both directions. Although it had stopped raining when these photos were taken on Friday evening, water was still pouring off the fields on the Radbourne side of the path.

The Spinneybrook Way access path (right) has been seriously damaged and will need repairing by Derbyshire County Council.

There is also damage to the access road to Mickleover Station where the pressure of water has lifted the tarmac.

Several manhole covers were also lifted and The Statiomaster's House was flooded.

This is by far the worst flooding that we have seen since the Mickleover Greenway was opened some 11 years ago.  There is a 1 in 100 gradient down from Mickleover towards Etwall and we have had some comparitively minor flooding towards Etwall and Egginton, in particular at Egginton Junction Bridge on previous occasions.
It will be interesting to see how deep the water is on the proposed site for Burnaston House. Will try to take a look tomorrow (if it isn't raining).

Breadsall Greenway
It remains to be seen what damage may have been done on the Breadsall Greenway.  Certainly the centre of Breadsall village was flooded and footage of this was to be seen on TV.  From the high point of the path at Sixoate Gate, a stream flows downhill alongside the path towards Windmill Bridleway, crossing beneath the path in a culvert about halfway down the hill.  There is a long history, going back to the time of the construction of the railway, of slippage of the ground on both sides of the route, particularly in the area of Croft Wood.


JohnS said...

I got up early (06.15am)to beat the next batch of rain, to visit the Breadsall Greenway NCN672, half expecting slippages. Except for signs of where the water came up too at the bottom of the 608 gate slope, nothing untoward appears to have happened.Photos on the 672 blog.

JohnS said...

I have been trying to locate Spinney Brook Way, as mentioned in the blog?