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Monday, 16 July 2012

More demolition!

The 5 cooling towers at High Marnham Power Station, close to the recently opened section of NCN647 over the disused railway bridge across the Trent, were demolished today in a controlled series of explosions that the late Mr Dibnah would have appreciated. ("Did you like that, then?"). There was some thought to a new gas fired power station being built there but demand for electricity has fallen nationally and so it has been deemed uneconomic.


David Martin said...

If you happened to blink and missed the 19 seconds of demolition you can see it again at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-18846539

Clyde said...

I was told a year or so ago that the reason that NCR647 wouldn't be able to continue on the railway trackbed westwards from the viaduct was because of this power station needing railway access, should it ever open again. Now that we see that it cannot possibly re-open, does this mean that the trackbed is available as a continuation of the cycle route?

BirdyRed said...

No. Network Rail have decided that the line from Boughton Junction (near Thoresby Colliery) to the limit at High Marnham (some 7.5 miles) will be used for vehicle testing.