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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Good News on the Velodrome

 After months of indecision, Derby City Council have at last decided to go ahead with the building of the £20m Velodrome on Pride Park in Derby. Not an easy decision, bearing in mind the current financial situation, but one which will put the City at the forefront of national sporting venues, and will bring countless thousands of enthusiasts here from far afield, as well as providing a fantastic facilty for local cyclists and other sports men and women, for the building caters for many other activities such as badminton and has fitness suites incorporated.

The design is quite ingenious, having the 250m cycle track raised above ground level such that there is clear access beneath to the central arena, which has many other possible uses such as pop concerts having seating for 5000 people.
Access to the site is excellent as it is within walking distance of  Derby City Centre and both Bus and Railway Stations.   Route 6 of the National Cycle Network passes close by.
Nearby car parking is shared with Derby County's Pride Park Stadium, so there will have to be some organised collaboration to avoid clashing of events.
The provision of a closed circuit open air cycle track (see above artists impression) is under consideration,  but is not an integral part of the main building. Objections have been raised on this issue as it conflicts with the adjacent nature reserve, but hopefully some compromise can be reached.
The appointment of contractors to build the Velodrome will be completed shortly and we look forward to seeing the structure materialise and to the opening ceremony which hopefully will see some of our national cycling heros on the track. Construction will take about 18 months from the appointment of the contractors.


BirdyRed said...

For my 60th birthday I treated myself to a hour's "taster session" on the track at the Velodrome in Manchester. I dont think I got much above the black line but it was an interesting experience. "Our" track should be opened in the year of my 70th so I'm planning to have another try. Anyone else??

Longranger said...

Yes certainly. "I'll try anything once except . . .", but will I need a new Lycra outfit?