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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Ranger's Night Ride 4th June

A feature of the forthcoming Diamond Jubilee Celebrations is a chain of beacons across the country culminating in the lighting of one in London where the Queen will be in attendance. Older Rangers will recall beacons as a means of communication pre-dating the Internet and mobile telephones. The defeat of the Spanish Armada was announced by a chain of beacons. What a night that was!
The following  code was used
(a) Beacon visible = We won,
(b) Beacon not visible = We lost / Could not light fire.
 This simple binary code is perpetuated in the modern computer, where with the coming of electricity we can restore communications by switching it off and on again.
The nearest beacon to us is at Tutbury Castle, (standing high above the Dove Valley and close by our own Route 549), where the beacon will be lit at 10pm on Monday 4th June.
The Rangers Ride will leave Mickleover Station at 7pm proceeding along R54 to the Talbot Inn at Hilton for 8pm where we will meet other Rangers and take on sustenance for the rest of the journey along R549 via  Marston-on-Dove (no pubs), and Hatton to Tutbury.
Entry to the castle is free for the event but you need to download a ticket from the Tutbury Castle web site.
Click here for FREE TICKET
Since much of the route is off-road, good lights required for the homeward journey which will include a count of the glow worms on the Mickleover Greenway.
Note that there is also a beacon beside the church at Breedon-on-the-Hill, which should be visible from Tutbury Castle.

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JohnS said...

We can see the church at Breedon from our rear bedroom window on clear days. I will keep my eye open.