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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Improvements to Riverside Path in Derby

Derby City Council are currently carrying out some improvements to NCN Route 54 between Exeter Bridge and Darley Fields.

The wooden boardwalk on the approach to St.Mary's Bridge has been re-surfaced, albeit still low enough to be awash with the current high river level.

A safety rail is added beneath Causey Bridge.

This is the new path from Handysides Bridge onto Darley Fields, which will now become a re-alignment of NCN R54, previously running through the City Road Car Park, and along City Road, entering Darley Fields by way of the main gates.
We now have some re-signing to do in this area.
There is more work yet to be done to complete the project, including removal of the graffiti which mars the visual aspect of this otherwise attractive area.


Anonymous said...

Hi Les, just testing/checking to see if i can leave comments on your blog. Bob Cooper

Les Sims said...

Yes you can Bob, and welcome to our Blog.
I will put a link here to your Lichfield Rangers Blog.