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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Assessment of the new Hopwell Hall bridleway

 Gates to Hopwell Hall buildings
 Zoomed view of  Hopwell Nook on FP to Ockbrook village

 Zoomed view towards Derby from Hopwell Hall.
 View towards Ockbrook
Hand gate at junction of Hopwell FP2 and the new bridleway.

This bridleway is now open and usable. Fencing and gating work still in progress at various places along the route, especially a the Boyah Grange/ Potato Pit Lane end.

1 comment:

Les Sims said...

Must take a look at this new route when it stops raining.
From the map it looks as though there could be a nice circular ride from Derby on R6 via Borrowash, Hopwell Hall, Dale Abbey etc, returning by way of Locko Park and R66 from Spondon.