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Friday, 2 March 2012

Nest Boxes at Mickleover

Nick steadies the ladder for Stefan.
Today we installed 15 nest boxes on Route 54 at Mickleover, hopefully in plenty of time for the birds to consider them suitable places to rear a new generation of nestlings in the coming months.
In 2011 we were very late with the placing of boxes at Etwall, but still had a very satisfactory rate of occupation.
We would expect that many more young birds will survive in boxes than they would in open nests up in the trees, since they are safe from predators until they fledge.

While Stefan attaches Box G to a suitable tree.

I have had a report from John and Sue Huskins, who have volunteered to monitor the boxes for us, that by 3.30pm today, so not long after we left, blue tits were investigating boxes D and I.
They must have been watching us putting up the boxes.

1 comment:

Littleranger said...

Sounds like a good job done.
There must be an overspill of blue tits from last year's new nesting sites at Etwall, so could be new parents looking for family homes.