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Friday, 30 March 2012

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Dear Reader
Three weeks ago we launched our map aiming to make Britain a safer place to cycle - and you have responded in fantastic fashion.
Over 6,700 areas across the UK have been pinpointed, highlighting the roads you feel uncomfortable cycling on and the junctions which put you off travelling by bicycle.
We want to get to 10,000 hazards before we take the data to local councillors and Mayoral candidates and ask them to do something about it. Please help us reach that goal by submitting a point on our map: thetimes.co.uk/cyclesafe.
We’ve also added some Department of Transport data to the map, meaning you can now see if an accident has happened in your area or on your route to work.
The plan is to make this data available to local councils to help them to identify areas where they can improve and get more cyclists onto the roads.
Thank you in advance for contributing to our map and once again for your continued support of our campaign.
James Harding Signature
James Harding
Editor of The Times

These are our local hotspots here in Derby. Please inform The Times if you know of others.

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