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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Fed up with the Cold Weather?

Have you had enough of Winter?

Do you have
 (a)  A frozen ballcock?
(b)  Frostbite?
(c)  Snow blindness?
(d)  A busted boiler?
(e)  A shortage of mercury in your thermometer?

If so, then come along at 9.30am to the Rangers Bonfire on Tuesday next at Bonehill Gate, and get WARM.

Mickleover Greenway, the only heated section of the National Cycle Network.

WARNING 3pm MondayThe path is still covered in ice and unsuitable for cycling, so the bonfire will not now be at Bonehill Gate, but close by the Spinneybrook Way Ramp and within sight of  Mickleover Station, that being the recommended entry point.
The first (tarmac) length of the path is free of ice and the Payback Team's bus will be parked there.
 No work will be done at Bonehill Gate until conditions improve.

1 comment:

Littleranger said...

Will come along at Lunchtime ?with bike and our daughter's dog which we are looking after this week.