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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Sustrans FestiVol 2012

This is where it is.
Today, Peter Ford and I joined Sustrans Staff and representatives of other East Midlands Ranger Groups at a meeting in Nottingham to formulate plans for this year's Festivol, which comes to the Midlands at last. Earlier we visited the Walesby Forest Site, which is in the heart of Sherwood Forest amidst some fine off-road cycling country with access to many places of interest.
Our main involvement will be to lead rides to such places, and we elected to take on the rides to Creswell Crags. Peter and I will be surveying this route in the coming weeks. Another ride not yet allocated is that from Walesby to Southwell, so volunteers to lead this ride are required.
The camp site is ideal for such an event with a large field surrounded by trees and good on site facilities for a wide variety of activities. For those who do not wish to camp there is a bunkhouse with small bedrooms each with several beds. There are toilets and showers, together with a large communal gathering room and a good kitchen.
Outside there is a large marquee with a paved surface where the inclusive meals will be served and entertainment will be staged.
Early booking is advised and if you are quick you can get £10 discount until 31st January.
Since we are in the middle of Sherwood Forest it seems almost inevitable that the theme will be Robin Hood and there is a statue of him on the site.

Not quite the handsome hero in green tights that we are accustomed to seeing in films and on television.

Never seen him wearing a skirt and builder's wellies before, but he does look pretty handy with a bow and arrow nevertheless.

Best not to walk in front of the statue, just in case his fingers slip off the bowstring.

I think that it was King Harold, at the Battle of Hastings who said "Watch where you're pointing that arrow ......... you could have someone's eye out".

And a couple more pictures whilst you're here ..........

This is the Bunkhouse

.......... and this is the marquee.  Ideal for our communal gatherings.
Note folks camping on the site in January.

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