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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Breadsall Greenway wind damage check on 672 4th Jan 2011

I intended to do a 'first footing' on New Years Day, but other things impinged, so did a check this afternoon,
thinking that there would be at least a lot of deris after the high winds and stormy conditions on Tuesday. Remarkably there wa only a small tree/large bush down near the pedestrian access from the Paddock car park.
This is easily avoided, but needs clearing (for attention of Les) by a small suitably equipped gang of Rangers.
Deatails from link below. A  minor litter pick of mostly cans is on my list for my next visit.




Les Sims said...

We will need a working party on R672 very soon to install the new seat at the Brookside Road entrance, so we can remove the fallen tree then, if not before.
Hope to have the new seat ready sometime next week weather permitting.

JohnS said...

Not Thursdays for me. That is our walk day.