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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas Lunch

Guest of Honour Dave Stevens says a few words at the Derby Rangers Christmas Lunch at Don Amott's Cafe in Hilton yesterday.
Peter Ford does not appear to be impressed.

The cafe was filled almost to capacity with 26 rangers, wives, husbands, partners, girlfriends and boyfriends ( plus three-year-old Arthur who was very well behaved) for our annual get-togther and a good time was had by all.
We were pleased to have Dave Stevens along, he having travelled by train from a meeting at Crewe and being collected from nearby Hatton Station by Peter Ford, who afterwards also took him on to Derby Station to catch a return train which was 40 minutes late having been delayed by lightning (?).
Thanks to catering staff Eileen and Sue who worked so hard to serve us all with a great meal and cleared up the debris after we left.

Meanwhile Les Sims is otherwise occupied with a pint of Pedigree in a customised glass.

Both photos by Alan Locke.

Hey, these Santa hats are lovely and warm. You can see why Santa wears one.
Think I'll keep wearing mine until the warmer weather comes along in the Spring.

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BirdyRed said...

Doesn't look good does it?? I WAS listening, Dave, honest!! Just to add insult to injury, while he was speaking, his train back was going nowhere in the Cheltenham area due to the effect of lightning. It was over 40 minutes late from Derby.