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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Invite to Murmuration

We are invited by the Newark Rangers to a murmuration, which wildlife experts and clever dicks will know (but my spellchecker does not) is a spectacular flight of many thousands of starlings prior to the evening roost and usually at this time of the year. You may have seen such amazing displays on television.
The site is at Langford Nature Reserve which is a 40 minute ride North of Newark.
The date depends on the current weather forecast, so is likely to be at fairly short notice within the next few weeks.
The plan would be to travel to Newark by train in the afternon and be at the Nature Reserve well before sunset as that is the most likely time.
The display cannot be guaranteed as, like many natural phenomena, conditions have to be just right.
Let me know if you fancy going along, so that I can pass on the message by mobile as soon as we get the nod.
Check out this video.
Looks like Mavis Ratclife in the bow of the boat. Same hat, same radiant smile.

Update 24th November
We now have a date for this trip and it is Sunday 11th December.
We have to be in Newark by 1.30pm.

Update 10th December
Sadly the event was cancelled for two reasons.
Firstly the weather forecast was poor and secondly the starlings had flown off to somewhere else.
They must have heard that we were coming!

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Anonymous said...

A much younger version I feel.
Looks fantastic, let me know if and when it takes place.