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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Latest on the Longhorse Bridge

The Longhorse Bridge between Shardlow and Sawley has been in position across the River Trent for some weeks now, but is not yet in use since linking paths are under construction.
These are 3m wide Greenways of a high standard and are due to be completed by 11th November.
Access from Shardlow will be via the existing car park on Wilne Lane.
In the meantime, the whole site is fenced off and instead of the swish of cycle tyres, the only sounds to be heard are the clatter of  caterpillar tracks and the drone of diesel engines.

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JohnS said...

Our walking group, 'Derwent Trekkers', has a wlak scheduled for 17th November. The walk is from Cavandish Bridge, via Long Horse Bridge and on to Shardlow. We use a large saloon coach which has capability of carrying folding cycles. Anyone interested, please contact me in the first place for further details. JohnS