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Sunday, 30 October 2011

A Folding Bike Problem

Those of us who own folding bikes and have taken them (folded) by bus, will know that it can sometimes be difficult to board a crowded bus with the bike in one hand, luggage in the other hand and bus fare somewhere else.  Some buses are easier than others, in fact the Skylink bus to Leicester via EMA is probably the easiest, as it has lots of luggage space to cater for folks catching flights from EMA.

Consider, therefore, the plight of a guy who raises the following problem on one of the Bike Forums on the Internet.
He asked for advice regarding his commute by a combination of folding bike and bus, complicated by the fact that he also carries a CELLO and suggests that he might buy a bike trailer for the cello.
Imagine getting on crowded bus with a folding bike, a trailer and a cello!
He asks for suggestions.
I think that his only hope is to trade in the cello for a piccolo.


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a time, some years ago, in Montreal(?) when the transport authority banned bikes from local rail services. The local cycle campaign group then attempted to travel carrying ironing boards, ladders and a stuffed hippo containing a bicycle!

Nick P.

Les Sims said...

Well,you learn something new every day.
It seems that you can actually buy a folding cello, and we hear that in America (where else?) a guy plays piano weekly at an open air market and tows the piano there with a bike!