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Friday, 30 September 2011

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Or to be more realistic, when you stop looking for something it often crops up! The A516 sign was noticed in the undergrowth by the A frame at the junction of R68 and Sutton Lane (next to Barleyfields' gate). A small victory.


Les Sims said...

Well done young man! (Thomas not Phil)
We had given this sign up as lost after it's disappearance from it's designated position. After glueing it to the bridge with one of these high tech adhesives and checking it several times for slippage, we thought that it was stuck for good, but next day it has vanished.
It was well out of the reach of vandals and it's mate on the other side of the bridge was OK.

Martin said...

And they use this stuff to hold aeroplanes together.


Slowranger said...

Thank you Martin, very comforting thought! Not sure of the relevance but most of the glue appears to be still on the sign.