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Friday, 16 September 2011

Retirement of Tony Allcock

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the retirement of  Tony Allcock, our representative out on the borders of  bandit country (Nottinghamshire).
Over the years Tony has done an excellent job for Sustrans, looking after not only NCN Route 6 between Long Eaton and Derby, but also assisting the Erewash Ranger Group with work on the South end of the Nutbrook Trail which also runs into Long Eaton.
He has represented Sustrans at meetings in Long Eaton where efforts have been made to improve cycling facilities in the town and has been a mine of information on such things as electric bikes, having electric two bikes. One a Brompton which he converted to battery power, and that explained why we found him sailing past us on hills, where we were struggling to keep going under pedal power.
Tony is talented musician, but sadly we have not yet found a role for this skill within Sustrans, but if we ever do branch out into the entertainment business, he will be the man to advise us.
I think that his advice would be "Don't!"
A replacement for Tony will be hard to find, but we hope that he will keep in touch and come along to some of our less energetic events, where his keen sense of humour will be very welcome.


JohnS said...

We don't retire Tony. Just fade away.

Anonymous said...

All the best Tony, its a pleasure to know you. We will miss you. Hope you will still come to the Christmas lunch, bonfire, and similar social activities? Phil & Sue Harris

Anonymous said...

Very sad to read this. We will miss his smiling face, but hopefully meet up at some events in the future.
Mavis and John

Clyde said...

You've done a grand job, Tony, and it's always been a pleasure working with with you over the last 3 or 4 years. I'll certainly keep you up to speed with what our group is up to and maybe you'll still be able to come along from time to time. Following one of Les's comments, I well remember the gob-smacked look on another random cyclist's face when the Derby Rangers group was returning from a ride around Loughborough way, and you were giving your mean machine full welly up a substantial hill!