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Friday, 23 September 2011

Derby Rangers Rescue Damsel in Distress!

The picture was taken on Friday 23rd September by a grateful lady from Sheffield who was "let down" by a tyre. Martin was first to produce a pump and spring into action but struggled to make an impact. Thanks to Mavis the job was done! All this excitement was just part of a great day out.
Mavis, Phil, Joyce and Martin met at Bakewell Station to ride to the end of the Monsal Trail and back. The weather was warm with many sunny intervals and no significant wind, but the star of the show was the scenery.
A splendid lunch was enjoyed at the Angler's Rest in Millers Dale on the outward trip, with tea and cake at Hassop station on the way back. A leisurely journey of 17 miles.

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Anonymous said...

A very enjoyable and exhilerating ride not only with the weather and scenery but also cycling through the recently opended six tunnels along the way. Thank you and well organised Phil.