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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sky Ride in Leicester

With perfect weather for the event , we expect that the forecast attendance of 12,000 for the Leicester Sky Ride will have been exceeded. There were cyclists of all ages on all sorts of bikes, everywhere.

Late News (31st August) Official Attendance 14,000.
A very popular feature of the Sustrans stand in Leicester's Market Place was the human powered smoothie maker, and with this level of effort one would need a drink for sure. The frantic arm waving was to fend off a number of troublesome wasps who were bent on having some of the smoothies. After killing some of them, I was stung on the wrist, but am expected to survive.

Plenty of Rangers to man the stall, so we were later able to get on our bikes and ride round the circuit of closed roads to see that there were hundreds of cyclists at the various "hubs" where there were other cycling based activities in progress.
Cash raised on the stall amounted to £53.71 of which £39.28 was by donations for the smoothies, and most of the rest by sales of puncture outfits..
An excellent effort by all concerned to popularise cycling in Leicester and to publisize Sustrans.

Riders arrive at the Town Hall to rest by the fountain.

Riders home in on the Sustrans stall

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