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Thursday, 18 August 2011

549 Bridle Path at Hatton

I thought you may be interested in the activity in Hatton on thr bridle path behind Nestle.

Nestle have not messed about in putting the perimetre fence up and the amount of land that is contained is immense. There is still no sign of planning to divert the path though.

See photos, not great quality as I took them on my phone at just after 7 this morning.


Trexrider said...

I would not worry. It is a public right of way, nothing here a hacksaw will not cure!

Oh dear, there I go inciting revolution again :-))

That’s worth four years of cycling around a prison yard, We have to watch our P’s and Q’s nowadays.

Les Sims said...

We must remember to keep Sustrans informed when the path goes in as it will be a significant diversion of the route and maps will need updating.
Presume that there is a planning application in the pipeline somewhere.