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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Staffordshire Hoard - Ride to exhibit in Lichfield?

Anyone up for a Ranger ride on R54 to view the Staffordshire Hoard on tour in Lichfield during August.
See link for dates and times of viewing. Its free but a donation will help keep the 'hoard' at home in Staffordshire.
Please add comments to give suggested dates. I would obviously prefer a thursday in fact I can only make Thursdays but you know that!


Les Sims said...

Good oportunity to see this, the greatest ever find of gold treasure trove in this country.
A guy with a metal detector found it somewhere in Staffordshire. The exact location is kept secret in case there is more.
I presume that the show will be in Lichfield Cathedral,(which in itslf is worth a visit) so a good excuse for us to ride R54 all the way from Derby.
Pick a date Shawn.
Any Thursday in August except 21st is OK for me.

Trexrider said...

Me too.

swaddywaddy said...

Can we say August 4th as I am 50 that sunday(7th). If we could meet up at Macs Cafe in B-O-T at say 10.30am to ride Route 54 to Litchfield Cathedral for the Hoard exhibition.

Les can you add the date to the blog diary and highlight the ride to others in Derby. I will invite Alan,Ed Healey,keith etc

Trexrider said...

Oh dear "as I am 50 that sunday"

I am not riding with youngsters again am I? Oh I see you will be 50and a bit on the 14th.

That's OK then.