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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A Planning Application by Nestles, Hatton

A recent ride along NCN549 revealed that there is a Planning Application Notice affixed to the eastern end of the bridleway around the Nestle factory. This application - 9/2011/0505 - refers to the construction of a new 2.4 metre high fence in a position which cuts across Marston Lane just west of the turning to Hoon Hay farm. A gate is to be left where the lane is crossed but the bridleway is eventually to be diverted around the newly enclosed area. A map 001 attached to the Application which shows the new fence can be found on the Planning Section of the SDDC website.


JohnS said...

This application does not show any details, except to say that it appears to be an area that is scheduled to be used for temporary storing of some material or other. The bridleway in question is Hoon BW4. JohnS

Yvonne Yates said...

Apologies I didn't spot this. I have a contact for the parish council if we need to contact. Let me know if you want me to do anything.