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Thursday, 30 June 2011

A Rare Sight Indeed

More pictures in our long running series entitled "You don't see many of these around here".

I was heading towards our favourite cafe for lunch today, and what should I see coming towards me but this - a steam roller!

A quick scramble in my bag for my camera ensued and just in time.
Needn't have rushed though, it was only doing about 3mph, so I was able to overtake it and take more pictures as it labouriously climbed the gradient up to the summit of Egginton Junction Bridge.
It almost stalled on the steepest part of the climb.

I presume that it was en route to the Steam Rally at Elvaston Castle this coming weekend and at this speed might just about make it in time for the opening ceremony.

Quick! Chuck some more coal on the fire!
Phew! Just made it!
Saturday 2nd July
Correct, it was on it's way to the Steam Rally at Elvaston, and here is a phograph of it there.
The name of the engine is Peggy.

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JohnS said...

No doubt on their way to the Elvaston Steam Fair this weekend.