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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

More about Glow Worms

The Wonderful World of Insects.
Lots of people have never seen a glow worm, partly because there are so few places where they can be seen, and of course you can only see them easily in the dark. You have to be fairly keen to wander along the cycle path in the pitch blackness when you could be at home watching TV or even fast asleep in bed.
The females are ground based and do not fly, switching on their lights to attract the males who are flying around in the dark looking for a mate (rather like homo sapiens in fact).
Only experts  know what the insects actually look like in the daylight and the difference between males and females, although one would assume that the glow worms know.
All can be revealed with these new pictures of both sexes.

This is the female.

And this is the male.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent survey in such poor conditions of last night. Will take a look later in the week and see how successful the females have been.