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Thursday, 30 June 2011

A Chain of Events

The Derbyshire Countryside Rangers (the "A" team) installing a new post at Bearwardcote Farm Gate.
This shows the final end to a chain of events on the Mickleover Greenway, which began at the Egginton end of the path at  Five Mile Gate, where the farmer, frustrated by cyclists leaving the gate open, tied it back with twine.
A cyclist, finding the path blocked by the gate, and therefore similarly frustrated, then left all the other gates open deliberately.
Milking time, and the herd of cows came to cross at Bearwardcote Gate. Inquisitive creatures as they are, two tried to exit their normal route by squeezing through the narrow pedestrian gate together, breaking the 6" x 3" timber gatepost at ground level in the process.
It is now repaired thanks to the Derbyshire Countryside Rangers from Elvaston Castle.
Well done lads!
PS The cows are OK in case anyone is worried about them.


BirdyRed said...

While one may have some sympathy for the frustrated cyclist his/her subsequent action is not likely to improve the good relations that have been fostered with the farmers (particularly those with livestock) over the Greenway's existance. Do we know who said cyclist is?

Les Sims said...

No, but we have a vague description as follows -
Young, rides hands off. No bell. Possibly early morning commuter.

Wanted Dead or Alive!

Ian said...

I wasn't the cyclist (definitely not young?!) but I have some sympathy with them. Its been a point of frustration to me that all the gates on the Mickleover cycleway are labelled "please close". Therefore every walker and cyclist (maybe 100s in the day) must stop, open and close the gate. The only purpose of this is for the farmer to bring his cows through twice a day. It would be much more efficient (and a great improvement to the cycleway) to have the priority the other way - i.e. "please leave gate open" except on the brief occasions when the farmer is moving the cattle when he/she can shut them. I don't believe some of the gates even have cattle movements every day. Alternatively maybe replace the gates with cattle grids.