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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Fifteen below

On the 7th Dec I went out at 9.00 to see if I could get to Kedleston in the car. The cars temp gauge read minus eight in Mickleover, but along Radbourne Common it dropped to minus 15.5! I could not get to Kedleston so turned around and on the way back took this picture.

I remember commuting to work (cycle) at minus 14.0 in the eighties. My tyres were so hard they might as well have been steel rims. I think there will be ample opportunity for those who wish to experience this in the coming months.


Les Sims said...

What a superb photograph this is.
By far the best that we have had on our Blog and better than I have seen on anyone else's Blog.
Re cycling in -14C, I'm surprised that your fingers (and other extremities) didn't drop off.

Clyde said...

Lovely picture, Alan.

JohnS said...

Great picture. Best seen at full size. Very atmospheric then. Can almost feel the frost biting!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful - Well worth framing. Is it taken on the road between Mickleover and Kirk Langley?