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Saturday, 7 February 2009

New Seat at Mickleover

Although the morning of Saturday's workday dawned bitterly cold with still some snow on the ground, the sun came out to shine on the righteous, which was perfect for the installation of our latest public seat situated on a high bank overlooking the Veteran Oak Tree.
Keith Lycett had spent much time at home constructing the seat and an excellent job has he made of it. Because of the substantial feet (the seat not Keith) it was necessary to dig deep to bury them but Ian, Peter, Martin and Keith were well up to the task and fortunately the ground was not frozen.
The cost of materials (£45) has been met out of our own funds so no charge to Sustrans nor Derbyshire County Council.
Meanwhile back at Etwall, Mavis and Yvonne were busy making a start on cleaning the walls of the A516 Etwall by-pass bridge. When this job is complete we have to decide whether or not to paint it.
Pictures show the new seat and the gang wot did it.
Sadly no pictures of the girls, who are much more photogenic.


BirdyRed said...

Perhaps we could consider the provision of a couple of suitable cycle stands near to the Veteran Tree Seat?

Les Sims said...

Good idea, although there are some trees remaining nearby which might serve as such.
Stands would have to be rustic to blend in, but we have plenty of wood.
Actually, wooden stands for bikes would be something new.