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Monday, 9 February 2009

Derwent Valley Cycleway

There is a move afoot to get a walking and cycle route along the Derwent Valley from Matlock to Derby.
Also there is requirement for a route from Duffield into Derby.
Both would probably follow the A6 road fairly closely, and are likey to be coincident from Duffield to Derby.
There is a petition currently on the Downing Street web site and you are invited to support it by following this link.


Martin said...

A route following the footpaths along the Derwent Valley floor would avoid Burley Hill and Abbey Hill and could use the Toucan Crossing over the A38 at the bottom of Abbey Hill. This would be a relatively flat route into Derby and might lead to improvements to the existing R54 route from Little Eaton.

Les Sims said...

That was one of the other options, but not considered viable on financial grounds.