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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Less sleep = more work.

Whilst we have all been hibernating, Keith Lycett has been beavering away in his garden shed making a seat which is now finished and ready for installation on R54 at Mickleover. This we can do on the next workday which is on Tuesday 3rd February.
So it's anytime after 9am at the Veteran Tree (1/2 mile West of Mickleover Station).
There is other work to be done - cleaning of the A516 tunnel walls and plenty of ash saplings to be removed, so there will be another workday on the following Saturday which is 7th February.
We also have a Signing Ride on Wednesday 28th January when we will be repairing damage to NCN Signs in Mick/Mack Park and correcting some on Folly Road at Darley Abbey. We meet at Sainsbury's Cafe at Kingsway at 10am and will take lunch at the Rugby Club on Haslam's Lane.
The signing is not a big job, so no need for everyone to come along, but all welcome, if only for the lunch. Meet at Haslam's at about 1pm.
Also we have a Rangers Ride on Wednesday 11th February, when Keith Lycett leads us for a circular tour in the Melbourne area, taking in Anchor Church near Ticknall. Not actually a church of course, but a hermits cave, alongside the River Trent. The obligatory lunch will be at the Welcome Cafe in Melbourne - that is if we can squeeze in amongst the local OAPs who pack the place out most days.
To join this ride meet at Mickleover Station at 9.30am or Etwall at 10am.

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BirdyRed said...

My understanding was (through Phil and Mavis) that the Etwall PC Graffiti team were to be asked to clean the walls of the A516 bridge. An hour with a high pressure jet washer would probably do the trick. We would assess the painting requirement after that.