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Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The Veteran Tree at Mickleover

Regular readers will have seen photographs of this enormous 300 year old oak tree before, but I feel that previous pictures did not convey the sheer size of the tree.
This photograph includes what appears to be a wood nymph standing by the tree for comparison.
The nymph is in fact Mavis Ratcliffe.
To save you looking it up, the dictionary definition of a nymph is a mythological semi-divine female spirit of the woods.
So there you have it.


Trexrider said...

Nymphs are noted for ensnaring men into their realm, once there, it is important not to eat anything otherwise escape will be impossible – chocolate cake is a typical bait. Those who have escaped have only done so after going several days without food!

Anonymous said...

That's why John is still "ensnared", he keeps eating. Do nymphs have birthdays?

Anonymous said...

A very impressive tree. John is only fed on crumbs Rangers leave behind these days - and they are few and far between (Crumbs not Rangers)!

Anonymous said...

Hang on Mavis. A super size pitprop is on order. Should be with you in a few days. Christmas post delays and all that.
John Swan