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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Rangers 1 Vandals 0

Thanks to the Etwall Rapid Response Team, Phil/Sue Harris and Mavis Ratcliffe (just back from Norway) who turned out on a cold and frosty morning to overpaint moronic graffiti which had been sprayed onto the Route 54 Bridges.
Graffiti on R54 is unusual. Our policy of removing graffiti ASAP has generally been successful.
It must be very frustrating to see your "handiwork" disappear so quickly.
I do hope so anyway.


Ash said...

There was an article in the Economist the other week which reported on a study in Belgium which looked into vandalism. It concluded that rapid removal response does work..people being much less inclined to despoil tidy areas whereas if *dirty*, then another bit of litter/graffiti does not matter.

Trexrider said...


I believe it says 'Happy new year to all Derby Sustrans Rangers from the Etwall pixies'

I would have thought Mavis would have known that.

Best watch your tyres now on this bit of the track. You could sacrifice the odd can of lager I suppose.

Anonymous said...

And all the time I thought it was a Christmas/New Year greeting saying 'Welcome Back to England' - Still, you can't win them all!