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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

A Trip to Boston (Lincs)

The Water Rail Way, which forms part of Route 1 of the NCN, now connects Lincoln to Boston, running alongside the River Witham on land which once was a railway track. The tarmac path has been constucted over a period of several years and we have been along to the opening ceremonies of various sections, usually travelling by train to Lincoln and then cycling the rest of the way along the path.
With the final section at the Boston end now complete, we went by train to Boston this time and cycled in an westerly direction to Langrick Bridge. We had been asked to bring along some nice weather, which we did, the clear blue sky being just right for such an occasion.There were seven of us in the party.
After partaking of the usual hog roast,and chatting with some of the many cyclists who had come along, we cycled back to Boston and it was a wonderful opportunity to view the flat landscape from a good high vantage point. The obvious place was St. Botolph's Church, otherwise known as Boston Stump, the 700 year-old edifice which can be seen from miles around.
After climbing the 209 stone steps we were able to see the River Witham wending it's way out to The Wash and the coast of Norfolk. Looking inland the river ran straight and wide across the fens. 145 feet below was the Boston Market Place and the narrow ancient streets which must have been familiar to the Pilgrim Fathers before they set out for America via Plymouth.
There was time for a look around the magnifcent church at ground level and then it was time for more food before catching the train back to Derby.
A great day out, and a route which we will no doubt re-visit sometime.

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And a very 'fine' day was had by all!