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Sunday, 26 October 2008

October Workdays

During October we have had four workdays at Mickleover, doing more ground clearance to improve the local environment for the glow worm colony which has shown an increase in numbers this year.
The work has also improved the general appearance of the area by opening up the full width of the original railway land, which will let in more light and improve the general biodiversity.
All this work demands the odd rest period, with hot drinks. jacket potatos, sausage rolls etc brought along by Mavis Ratcliffe. Without her we are reduced to cold drinks and a packet of biscuits.
Photos show the Saturday team taking a break, and the food and drink laid out on the Curved Seat. The top picture shows the extent of the area cleared so far, looking towards Mickleover from the Black Wood Path.
There is plenty more work to be done during the winter, and we have workdays planned for Thursday 13th and Saturday 15th November. Besides clearing the glow worm area we are going to remove vegetation which currently blocks the view of veteran oak trees on adjacent land. These trees were there long before the railway came in the 1860s, and will be there long after we have all gone to the Rangers Rest Home.


Ash said...

Mavis Refreshment Score
Friendliness/Service 5
Value for Money 5
Range of Menu 5
Location ambience 5

giving 20/20.. the BEST Score ever!

Thanks Mavis from the workers

The Glow worms said...

Well done guys.
See you next Summer.

Anonymous said...

The crumbs we leave behind are 'desert fodder' for the glow worms after feasting on 'ballast' snails!

shawn the sheep said...

Love to join you on the 15th I'll make a note in my diary. What time do you start and do i need to bring tools

shawn the sheep said...

Sorry Les just realised I have to work that day!Will be in Manchester a chance to visit the Velodrome I hope!